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Nigerian Idol Season 7: List of Top 8 & their Performances

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In this week edition of the Nigerian Idol Season 7 Live Show, eight contestants will be battling to earn a spot in the top 7.

Also, just like we saw the shocking eviction of Gerald from the top 9 in the last edition of the TV Show, another contestant will be withdrawn from the Nigerian Idol Season on Sunday.

Who will be evicted on Sunday? Well, that hangs on the result of the votes cast by the superfans during the week.

However, we have provided a list that has the names and performances of the prospective top 8 in the Live Show.

Top 8 Contestants of Nigerian Idol Season 7

This the list of the top 8 contestants of the 2022 Nigerian Idol:

  1. Banty (Greatest Love of All)
  2. David Operah (Great Nation)
  3. Debby (My Heart Will Go On)
  4. Faith (Chalie)
  5. Itohan (I Look to You)
  6. Jordan (This is Me)
  7. Progress (I Need an Angel)
  8. Zadok (Soul Provider)

As usual, we expect the contestants to bring their A-games to the Live Show on Sunday. The past edition was grand and incredible. We anticipate more electrifying performances this in the coming week.

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Here is a recap of the top 8 performances tonight

As Abigail walked out of the competition, to our amazement, the top 8 finalists delivered their assignments well. They gave it their all and wowed us to the bones! Jordan for one arguably has the best performance tonight.

Also, Zadok did the incredible on tonight’s edition of the Live’s show. he literally stole the show and took our breaths away. The girl he invited on stage for a dance even fell. lol.

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While David’s performance of Timi Dakolo’s “Great Nation” reminds us of our identity as Nigerians, Jordan’s comeback was really incredbile.

We also enjoyed the calmness in Faith’s vocals ditto Itohan and Progress without forgetting the astonishing performances of Banty and Debby.

It’s all lit!

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