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Nigerian Idol S7: Top 10 Contestants & their Performances

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As we keep our fingers crossed to know the winner of the Nigerian Idol Season 7, the past few weeks have been eventful as the contestants kept us glued to the screens.

In our last post, we reviewed the renditions of the top 12 contestants of the Nigerian Idol Season 7 and highlighted their strengths and weaknesses during their first live performances on stage.

However, in this blog post, you will get to see the 2022 Nigerian idols top ten (10) list and the two contestants that were eliminated.

Also. in this article, you will find the highlight of their second live performances and our judgement based on their delivery.

Now, let’s get into it.

List of top 10 Nigerian Idol Season 7 Contestants

The Nigerian Idol Season 7 top 10 are:

1. Zadok

Nigerian idol Zadok is the first contestant to earn a slot in the top 10 of Nigerian Idol Season 7. In the live shows on Sunday, 27 March, Zadok performed Wizkid’s 2013 hit song, “Back to the Matter”.

As usual, Zadok warmed up the stage with an electrifying performance and turned the audience on. Being an entertainer, he owned up the stage and connected with the audience throughout hi rendition.

However, the song choice buried the vocal ability of Zadok. We didn’t see the caramel flavour we used to hear in his voice in this particular performance. But, his showmanship filled the gap and gets us less talking about his flaws.

Just to add, his outfit was nice; it concurred with the genre he did. It was excellent.

2. Debby

If anyone stole the show at the live performance tonight, it was definitely Debby.

Having won a slot in the top 10, Debby refreshed us with the South African flavour with her “Vulindlela” performance. A song by Brenda Fassie.

To our delight, Nigerian Idol Debby did justice to Vulindlela. Though her enunciation were almost perfect despite not being a South African, she delivered the song as if it were her own.

Nigerian Idol Debby

Also, to our amazement she served some Yemi Alade vibes to match the melody. Her performance was however flawed by her poor timing at the beginning.

Regardless, Debby girl was on fire!

3. Gerald

The third Nigerian idol 2022 contestant to make the top 10 is Gerald.

Without a doubt, Gerald’s “Ifunaya” rendition was one of the best listens of the night. If you ask what singles Gerald out, it was how he connected with the song. He brought his soul into it and delivered it almost perfectly.

We cannot deny the fact that Nigerian Idol Gerald also enjoyed the presence of the backup singers adding beauty and melody to his performance.

Though we expected more elements to translate a love and sensational songs like Ifunaya, we didn’t expect the trick that Gerald pulled at the tail end of his performance.

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He got Simi and made her skip breath for a second! Indeed, Gerald is a strong contender.

4. Faith

Nigerian Idol Faith brought Lagbaja’s 2005 smash hit “Always on My Mind” to life in the last show.

No lies, Faith killed the performance so that she kept the judges and audience to their feet after her performance.

Two things get us gushing over her performance over and over again. First, she sounded very organically and we didn’t hear Lagbaja throughout the rendition.

Two, her techniques of riffs, vibrato, crescendo among others gave her a unique delivery. Noteworthy also, is her outfit that translated the song so well.

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Her performance however wasn’t 100% perfect. Some notes were shaky and ruffled. We can say that experience helped her.

But we know that Faith understands her voice. Her song choices so far are good. We hope that she keeps the momentum and advance to the top 9 of the Nigerian Idol Season 7.

5. Itohan

Seems we aren’t ready for Itohan yet. From the audition to the theatre week and now the live stages, the top 10 contestant has proven herself to be a diamond in the rough.

Itohan is a small but mighty Nigerian Idol. She has a powerful voice and a high pitch tone which have been her greatest advantage over others.

in her second live shows performance, Itohan seized our breath with her epic performance of Omawunmi’s “If You Ask Me” from the “Lasso of Truth” album.

She took us on a journey throughout the rendition and kept us hypnotised till the end. Her voice control was top-notch. She kept the low range; a risk tho.

No one certainly saw the epic ending coming–“Excuse me!”, we had goosebumps!

6. Abigail

Nigerian Idol Abigail was arguably the hottest on the stage in the last live’s show. She served us some hot vibes to match her superb vocals.

We cannot imagine how proud D’banj was while the lamba girl smashed his hit song “Emergency”. To say that Abigail’s performance was lit is an understatement, she literally killed it and shined throughout the performance.

Talk of her confidence, vocals, outfit, everything was correct. The synergy that this Nigerian idol Season 7 contest displayed on stage tells us that she didn’t come to play.

It still surprises us how Abigail came out of her comfort zone to pull an electrifying performance that got us wowed from the beginning to the end.

Really, Abigail is meant to shine!

7. Progress

Lucky to make the Nigerian Idol 7 top 10 also is Progress.

Yesternight, we saw a brilliant showmanship on stage when Progress performed Wizkid’s 2014 single, “Joy”.

Somehow, the theme of his rendition coincided with the Mothers’ Day Celebration on March 27. And the young lad seized the day to adulate mothers.

What blew us away however is his understanding of the lyrics and delivery of the song as if it were his own.

Progress pulled through with an excellent voice control and connection with the audience of the live show.

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Also, we saw the fire balls he’s got. Progress took us on a journey and we enjoyed the ride. So much professionalism there.

Howbeit, we feel the song didn’t project the vocal ability of the Nigerian Idol very well. He would deliver better if it were some other genre.

Still, Progress is a big deal!

8. Jordan

The 2022 Nigerian Idol is no doubt the toughest in the history of the Reality Television Talent Show. This is because the season 7 contestants are highly talented and above-rookie singers.

What Jordan did with Burna Boy’s “Ye” is unbelievable. He took the song as his own and delivered it so effortlessly to turn us up.

Though the song choice wasn’t the best for his range, Nigerian idol Jordan showed versatility than anyone that sang in the second live shows of the Nigerian Idol Season 7.

The R&B stuff he pulled toward the end of the song is a brilliant one. We enjoyed the smooth process and accord him respect for a good performance.

Nigerian Idol Jordan

We can’t but mention his hairstyle modeled after the African Giant too. he served us real hot.

9. Banty

First, we give it up for team Banty for earning her a slot in the top 10 of the 2022 Nigerian Idol. Judging from her previous performance on the show, she deserves to be on the list.

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However, Banty didn’t sound like the one we used to know in the theatre weak and first live show performance. Rather we saw a Banty struggling with nerves and tension on stage. She got tired and used up very quickly.

Nevertheless, she fought her way through and stole the show with her moves and contagious vibes. Being an entertainer, she was able to cover up for her weakness during the performance.

We really hope that her fans come through for her and advance her to the top 9.

10. David Operah

The tenth person to make the top 10 of the Nigerian Idol Season 7 is David Operah.

One word to describe David’s “Street Credibility” rendition is phenomenal. We like the fact that David pulled every resources gatherable to give us a lit performance.

Like, he showed artistry through the voice, vibes, slangs, attitude and other embellishment infused into the song to deliver an incredible performance.

He sounds very natural and keeps the atmosphere lit throughout his rendition–Versatility at his peak as he conveys the song as it should be. Street-like in all ramifications.

We aren’t surprised that David is pulling a crowd of supporters. He definitely will go far!

Joel, Precious Eliminated

Sadly, the duo of Joel and Precious have been eliminated from the Nigerian Idol Season 7. Both constants were asked to leave the show as the super fans did not find them worthy of earning positions in the top 10.

However, we enjoyed their brief appearances on the show. They will be greatly missed.

The question now is, who will make it to the top 9? This question will be answered in due time. Till then, we keep fingers crossed.

For more stories and updates on Nigeria Idol Season 7, please click HERE to join our TELEGRAM Channel.

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