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Nigerian Idol Season 7: Who are the Top 12 Contestants?

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The top 12 contestants of the Nigerian Idol Season 7 are arguably the most competitive and thrilling in the history of the music competition.

These idols have proven their mettle in the music way by competing with hundreds of contestants and advanced through the audition, theatre week and subsequent stages in the competition with beautiful renditions.

The Nigerian Idol judges for season 7 must have had a hard time during the selection process. Because these idols are damn good and amazing!

Nigerian Idol 2022 Top 12 Contestants

Meet the top 12 contestants of the Nigerian Idol season 7:

1. Jordan

Jordan is a great vocalist and his vocals has been his greatest weapon which he uses to win the hearts of the judges and the audience from the beginning of the competition.

Apart from that, many people believe that Jordan is a ‘complete package’ because he sings like a pro. He pronounces his words carefully and delivers every note with precision.

During the theatre week, Jordan performed ‘Best Part’ to earn a slot in the top 12 and sing on the live stage.

Truth is, many fans are rooting for Jordan as the next Nigerian Idol already.

2. Banty

What is unique about Banty is that she blends matching swags and energy with a sweet voice; which for me, tastes like caramel.

As a result of her uniqueness which makes her performance appealing and electrifying, her fanbase is growing large as her superfans can’t seem to get enough of her.

Banty is definitely a threat that other contestants will find tough in Nigerian Idol Season 7. She is a top twelve contestant that will go far in the competition.

In her ‘Blinding Light’ theatre week performance, Banty warmed up the stage and got the judges vibing to her song.

3. Gerald

Gerald is projected to win a slot in the top 5. The 28 year-old artist and singer keeps serving us goosebumps with his musical talent.

Specifically, during his Mario’s ‘Let me Love you’ performance, Gerald blew our minds away with his R&B incursion. His voice texture is super cool and his breath control is brilliant.

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He sings so effortlessly and mans the stage with so much confidence. Without a doubt, Gerald is a top-tier contestant in Nigerian Idol 2022. He will go far in the competition.

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4. Abigail

Abigail stands out with her sweet sonorous voice. She keeps wowing us with mature performances right from the auditions.

What is incredible about Abigail, however, is the way she instils emotions into the audience. Her soulful performance brings us into the soul of her renditions and we got the feelings.

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Abigail’s ‘A Couple of Forevers’ performance during the theatre week on the show is filled with powerful emotions that make the moment stands still.

For some fans, Abigail is a star already!

5. Joel

We can’t get enough of Joel on the Nigerian Idol Season 7 because he keeps stunning us with his pro songs and lit performances.

Each time he sings to the mic, he brings on magic. Talking of versatility, Joel ticks the box accurately with his performances on the show so far.

He has delivered amazing renditions with his soft, calming tone since the start of the 2022 Nigerian Idol.

The Joel idol is no doubt a strong rivalry. Other contestants will sure have to buckle down to contend with his musical prowess. His last rendition has been replayed by fans many times!

6. Itohan

The euphoria that comes with Itohan’s performances is mesmerizing. First, she steals our hearts with her super skill at playing the Keyboard.

At 17, Itohan is a pro singer already. She has a unique range and an embellishing husk which marks her out of other contesting idols.

Itohan may go as far as the top 3 with the synergy and adroitness that we have seen so far. Her Rihanna’s ‘Unfaithful’ performance is not a wrong choice. Winning a spot in the top 12 isn’t a mistake either.

She is a star!

7. David Operah

Every single thing points out the fact that David doesn’t belong to the league of his co-contestants. He deserves a bigger stage, ‘cos, man is damn good!

In fact, some fans have begun to reason that David must have his reasons for contesting in Nigerian Idol season 7.

Every performance the David idol has rendered so far are top-notch. Talk of range, breath control, stage management and matching vibes, Operah is on point.

You should watch out for him in the competition.

8. Faith

For Faith, snagging a spot in the top 3 is the deal as her renditions come with so much energy and aggression of that of a contestant.

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But what is more catchy in her performance is her unique unusual entertaining style. As appealing as her voice is so are her body moves and connection with the audience.

Faith owns up the stage and warms us up with lit renditions. Indeed, Faith has earned a space in the spotlight, Nigerian Idol Season 7 is just for PR!

9. Precious

Ever heard a voice texture that sounds so sweet like Vanilla? Precious is got some flavours that blow our minds away every time she holds the mic!

Truth is, she is as precious as her name. She rocks up the moments she’s got to give us epoch performances.

Even though her theatre week performance was marred by some mistakes, advancing her to the top 12 is the wisest decision the Nigerian Idol judges ever made.

Her Chi deserves an award!

10. Zadok

Zadok is actually a good pick for the top 12. He’s got all the reasons to stay on the show. For every rendition so far, he pulled an incredible rendition.

Especially, his theatre performance of Davido’s ‘If’ was murdered effortlessly. He brings spontaneous vibes to match the flow of the tone.

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This electrifying performance brings out the entertainer in him and therefore placed him in the top 12 to perform on a live stage to the delight of the judges and the audience.

11. Progress

Progress is a spectacular singer with a perfect voice. The 20-year-old Delta born Nigerian idol has a range well-controlled and manipulated with different kinds of vocal embellishments.

The creativity of Progress is incredible. He threw his vocals and versatility to pull off an unimaginable ‘Yummy’ rendition in the theatre week.

Progress is another top-tier contestant that others will find tough to battle on this show. His fans are growing and rooting for him.

12. Debby

Debby is no doubt a good singer that brings passion and love to songs when on stage. And this tells us about the hard work and time she must have invested in her rehearsals.

For a budding singer like Debby who is already serving us good listens, we can not be tell that she has a slot in the spotlight. Her voice will travel far, it will resonate!

Which of these idols will make it to top 5?

Well, we hope that the top 12 contestants will give their best to their next performances because the battle just got hotter. Not forgetting that the next stage of the competition is a live performance before the audience and voting from their super fans will determine their progress on the show.

Nigerian Idol Season 7 Judges

  1. Simi
  2. D’ banj
  3. Obi Asika
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