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Nigerian Idol Season 7: Why Banty Flopped in the Live Stage Performance

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Yesterday, we saw the elimination of Joel and Precious from the ongoing Nigerian Idol Season 7.

Also, at the live performance, we witnessed the mind-blowing renditions of the top 10 contestants and we could not but marvel at their talents and creativity.

Nearly all of them understood their assignments and delivered their songs to our greatest pleasure.

This article, however, is about the performance of Nigerian Idol Banty at the live show of the 2022 Nigerian Idol.

Banty as you will agree is one of the very few contestants that stole our hearts right from the beginning of the Television Show. She is an embodiment of creativity, energy and vibes.

That said, her performance yesternight has since been the media sensation. We saw a different Banty yesterday as she couldn’t live up to the personality we used to know her for on the stage.

Wait, What was Wrong with Nigerian Idol Banty’s Live Performance?

Actually, many things went wrong with Banty’s performance at the lives yesterday. But to save our time, we will highlight the major reason she flopped.


Certainly, this happens to every artist when it comes to delivering what they’ve got. Whether good or bad nerves, it happens.

We cannot deny the fact that Banty humbled us.

What Banty experienced on stage was nerves. Bad nerves tho. And, it had a serious consequence on her rendition.

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Performing Davido’s smash hit “Aye”, we saw a rather overwhelmed Banty who grew very tired and exhausted at the beginning of her performance.

As a result, she wasn’t able to own up to the lyrics deliver a flawless song. Unlike the theatre week when Banty served us melody and vibes, we didn’t hear her sing at the live show.

Rather we saw a struggling Banty jumping up and down on the stage to cover up for the mess.

Still, Banty Delivered.

How Banty was able to pull through the performance is still a surprise to many people. But we understand that her experience as an entertainer came through for her.

Even though Banty did not bring her versatility to the live show yesterday, she didn’t forget to entertain the audience with smart moves and bold vibes.

This shows the fighting spirit that the Nigerian Idol Banty has. And that is what is most important in the competition.

The question now is, what is the fate of Banty?

Will Banty Make the Top 9?

Right now, the salvation of Banty hangs on the decision of the super fans as the voting portals are open to allow people to vote for their favourite.

Though the deed can not be undone, Banty still has a chance to continue to battle for the 100 million naira grand prize of the Nigerian Idol Season 7.

This is the right time for her fans to prove their mettle by rescuing Banty from eviction next Sunday. A friend indeed is a friend indeed, they say.

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