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Opinion: FFK Has Joined APC, So What?

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The news that Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has joined the All Progressives Congress(APC) is not a BIG story and should not to treated as such. Defection is a familiar word in politics and Nigerians by now should be used to it. For he who must stay relevant must belong to where power resides. Say politics(al prostitution). This lucrative business didn’t begin in Nigeria today. It is as old as the Ist generation regional/party politics that witnessed a lot of crossovers.

I do not understand why some Nigerians are making a hill out of the mole. FFK has just exercised one of his fundamental human rights as a citizen of a democratic state to join any association/party that he wills. On this, let no one crucify him or attack his person, inconsistency and whore-mongering.

But I think I can understand why a gross number of Nigerians are surprised by this political development. Why would you join a party that you criticised day and night for six (6) years? That you accused of Islamist agendum and swore that you would rather die than join? 2 days ago, Brother Femi sheathed his sword, ate back his words and joined the enemy camp after the “Holy Spirit” ministered to him.

He declared:

“It was an honour and a privilege to visit with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Aso Rock, yesterday in the company of my dear friends and brothers, Governor Mala Mai-Buni and Governor Bello Matawalle.

Mr President received us very warmly and we had an excellent meeting. I intimated him of my decision to join the APC and he was delighted with the news.

Now we move forward together to make our country a better place and to bring peace, love and stability to our shores.
God bless Nigeria! 🇳🇬”

This is not a BIG story at all. We are in a season of crossovers and we will witness many more.

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Believing that political rivalry is an eternal war is a stupid thing to think of. Politicians are professional spin doctors who use the media to their own advantage. Many times, they make you see, hear and or believe only what they want you to know. For 6 years and more, Fani-Kayode practised this business and many Nigerians patronised him greatly.

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The sad reality in Nigeria is that political power can only be gotten through two major platforms: APC & PDP. Since 1999, no other party has been able to challenge these two parties to victory in national elections. The reason, however, is not far-fetched. Nigerians themselves made it so. An average Nigerian believes that no party, from heaven or on earth, can snatch power from these dominant parties; elections in Nigerian are scam because results are always manufactured before the elections. Therefore, what can I do when a few people who are stronger than I shave my head in my absence? Foolish thought!

If I may describe FFK’s character, I will say he is not a regular Nigerian politician. He was only privileged to enjoy the grace of his fathers and served as a two-time minister. To my knowledge, he has never contested any political position. He was only a privileged card-carrying member of the PDP who resigned to socio-political criticism via social media and controlled a large audience. The effect of British education. Nothing more.

You may add that he is an opportunist and scavenger. A bottom feeder who maps about to feed. These are not my words. FFK’s principal and Former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2018 described FFK as FFO. He said: “Fani Kayode is my boy, give him food, he will praise and sing for you. If there is anything I like about him, it is his unapologetic wills and decisions which no one can take away from. But ascribing them to God and Holy Spirit, that I do not approve of.

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There are clear indications that Fani Kayode may begin his political career fully at 60. From South-South to South West, FFK has toured all the PDP ruling states. Now that he is in APC, he may embark on another tourism, scoring each Governor according to their works. This is not even the point. Election is hurrying near. Nigerians should learn how not to forget things so that when 2023 comes, and they approach them in style–promising heaven on earth in sweet vocab and tush accent, they are not forced to vote for politicians who are controlled by their appetite.

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