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Others Were Accepted But I Was Rejected Thrice At Ritualists’ Den—Lady Shares Her Abduction Story

"By the time I regained consciousness, I was already in an unknown place. They had blindfolded me and tied my hands. I couldn't tell the time of the day."

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An auxiliary nurse who identifies as Racheal David has relived her close shave with death at a suspected Kidnapper’s den at River state after she was abducted at Okuru Junction in Port Harcourt.

The 18-year-old Rachael had left her home to buy at the junction around 7 am on Thursday when a motorist signalled to her and asked for direction to Bitter Leave Junction. In her story gathered by The Punch, Rachael said she got hypnotised and lost her senses while she was describing the place to the motorist until she arrived at the strange destination.

She explained, “He touched me and I didn’t know if I entered the car or not. By the time I regained consciousness, I was already in an unknown place. They had blindfolded me and tied my hands. I couldn’t tell the time of the day.”

David added that on Friday, her abductors took her and other abductees to suspected ritual killers thereafter. However, all but her were accepted.

She recalled, “I was still rejected. After some hours and they took me and some victims somewhere blindfolded. One man asked them why they kept bringing me and told them to return me to where they picked me as fast as possible.”

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“Even though I couldn’t see that place, it appeared like a ritual killer’s den. I was the only one they rejected. I was the only one rejected. I was rejected thrice. While I was in captivity, new victims were brought in. The abductor put me in the car and drove off.”

When they got to the middle of the road, Racheal was put out of the car. By the time she managed to untie herself, she learnt from passersby that she was in Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt.

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Luckily for her, they did not take away her phone. So she put a call through to her mother who came over to pick her to up. “I had fainted before they came. It was this morning, (Saturday) when I woke up that I realised I am in the hospital.” She added.

David regained her freedom around 5pm on Friday and is currently receiving treatment at a hospital.

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