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Pastor Jerry Eze: Everything To Know About the Popular NSPPD Convener

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This is a detailed biography of Pastor Jerry Eze Uchechukwu from Nigeria.

Pastor Jerry Eze Biography

Pastor Jerry Eze is a Popular Nigerian Cleric. He is a Church founder, televangelist, Writer and Conference Speaker. He is the lead Pastor at Streams of Joy International Church.

How Old is Pastor Jerry Eze?

Pastor Jerry is 39 years old. He was born in August 22, 1982.

Where is Pastor Jerry From?

Pastor Jerry comes from Umuahia, Abia State. His Nationality is Nigeria.

Currently, he resides in Bende Local Government area of Abia State.

Educational Background

After completing his primary and secondary education at Ibeku High School, he proceeded to Abia State University where he finished with a B.A in History and International Relations.

Driven by passion for academic knowledge and excellence, Jerry Eze further pursued a course in Human Resource Management at the postgraduate level.

Little wonder he is intelligent, versatile and polished.

Work Experience

Prior to 2011 when he began full-time ministry, Pastor Jerry worked in various organisations. He also served in different capacities.

For instance, he worked with a broadcasting company in Nigeria after graduating from the university.

From there, he worked with the United Nations and the World Bank on certain projects.

He resigned in 2009 to focus on preaching the gospel.

Who is Pastor Jerry’s Wife?

Pastor Jerry Eze and his wife, Pastor Eno

Pastor Jerry’s wife is Pastor Eno Jerry. She is a university lecturer, an accomplished author and a mother of two godly children named Samara and Jerry.

Reportedly, Pastor Jerry Eze met his wife at a Fellowship program where he went to preach during his undergraduate days at Abia State University.

When he set his eyes on her, he knew immediately that she would be his wife. Interestingly, it became a reality when they eventually got married.

In one of his interviews with the Punch, Pastor Jerry Eze said that he was convinced that Pastor Eno was the will of God for his life because God told him directly that she was his future wife.

Therefore, proposing to her is one of the best decisions that he ever made as a man. Also, their blissful marriage proves that their coming together is not a mistake.

Additionally, unlike most young pastors, there is no sexual scandal to his name. His marriage is stable and peaceful.

Pastor Eze and Eno Jerry Children

Their family is blessed with two wonderful kids. A boy and a girl named Jerry and Samara.

Pastor Jerry Christian Background

Pastor Jerry Eze Picture

The coming of Jerry Eze into the spotlight is not an accident either. He had a very strong Christian background which has contributed to his growth over the years.

Pastor Jerry was raised by a single mum who took Christianity very seriously.

She brought him up in the way of the lord. This influenced him to have a personal encounter with God from a tender age.

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In fact it was at this prime age of his life that his mother prophesied that he would be a voice in his generation.

True to this, Jerry Eze has become someone to reckon with in Christiandom all over the world.

Another factor that contributed to his journey as a pastor was his poor family background. As noted earlier, he was raised by a single mum and things were quite tough.

Going through the troughs and tough times, his family had no option but to cling to God. They put their trust in God and maintained a close relationship with Him.

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So, yeah. We can say that his early exposure to Christianity helped him to become the re-known minister of God that he is today.

Pastor Jerry Eze Spiritual Fathers

Pastor Jerry has a close relationship Bishop David Oyedepo. He also regards Apostle Selman in high esteem.

His ministry is largely influenced by the teachings of great men of God in Nigeria and beyond.

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Relationship With God

Of course, anyone who wants to be used of God must have a close relationship with Him.

For a fact, Pastor Jerry Eze is a born again Christian. He gave his life to Christ many years ago. Since then, he has continued with the lord.

Initially, Pastor Jerry just wanted to be a teacher of Christian Bible doctrines but God changed his focus and made him a man of prayer.

According to his testimony, over the past 13 years of his life, there is no night that he slept all through the night.

As a man of God, he must not lose guard because everyday comes with different spiritual battles.

This is why he uses this period of the night when everywhere is quiet to fortify himself. He uses the opportunity to intercede for other people as well.

if you are wondering why pastor Jerry is always aggressive during prayer, know that the pain he sees in people is the reason for his passion.

How Pastor Jerry Eze Started His Ministry

Streams of Joy International Church Logo
Streams of Joy International logo

Before Pastor Jerry Eze started his church and became a full-time pastor in 2011, he was the head of All Saint’s Chapel during his undergraduate studies at the university.

He did not just wake up one day and began the Streams of Joy International Church, he went through a mentoring process that prepared him for the mission ahead of him.

As he already knew that the task ahead of him is great, he took his time to strategise and plan wisely.

Consequently, Pastor Jerry Eze founded the Streams of Joy in 2011.

Today, Streams of Joy is a multi-ethnic church with members from different nationalities.

Interestingly, the church has grown to a large congregation with global presence in 5 continents of the world.

Pastor Jerry Eze Messages

His Messages are centered on faith and hope in Jesus Christ. He also preaches about breakthrough and deliverance from evil bondage.

Over the years, PJ messages have impacted and transformed millions of people across the world.

Especially in times like this when things are difficult, people find solace in his messages.

Needless to say that his messages are very powerful and soul lifting, the holy spirit always move whenever Pastor Eze Jerry preaches.

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People often testify about how God uses Pastor Jerry to revive their confidence and hope for a better tomorrow.

You can find Pastor Jerry Eze Messages on his social media pages. Go to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and to enjoy his live ministrations from time to time.

Where is Pastor Jerry Eze Church Located?

Streams of Joy headquarters is located at KM 4, Ikot Ekpene road, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. Pastor Jerry’s church has another branch in Abuja.

The Streams of Joy International Church branches are also located in the UK, Houston, Texas, Nottingham, USA and Calgary in Canada.

How To Connect & Contact Pastor Jerry Eze

Here is how to contact the lead pastor of Streams of Joy International Church

Social Media

Pastor Eze Jerry is active on major social media platforms. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will can also stream him live on YouTube.

He has 615 000 followers on Facebook, 495 000 followers on Instagram and over 95 000 on Twitter. The Streams of Joy International can also be found on all social media.

You can watch Pastor Jerry Eze live and pray with him on Facebook and other social media during the New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations [NSPPD] session everyday.

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Also, you will be able to enjoy Pastor Jerry testimonies of the miracles God used him to perform in people’s lives. He posts them on social media everyday.

Phone Numbers

To get in touch with the man of God directly, here are pastor Jerry Eze Phone Numbers:

  • +2348165619933
  • +2348055818653

Email address

  • info@jerryeze.com
  • streamsofjoyoffice@gmail.com

Official Website

Pastor Eze Jerry Networth

Though Pastor Eze Jerry do not flaunt his cars, houses or money on social media, he is well to do.

Some media outlets said he is worth $100 000.

Pastor Jerry Philanthropic Works

Apart from praying for people who have spiritual challenges, Jerry Eze supports people with material things as well.

The Spring of Joy Foundation is one of the ways through which he cares for the needy.

So far, they have been able to build houses for widows, pay bills of the less privileged and offer relive materials to the poor.

In 2021, Pastor Jerry Eze built a tuition free school to allow poor kids have access to education. The school is an arm of the Streams of Joy Charity Foundation.

Indeed, the man of God is not stingy. Rather, he blesses people with the resources God gave him.

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Quick Facts About Pastor Jerry Eze

  1. He is the Founder of Streams of Joy International Church
  2. He is the Convener of New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations [NSPPD]
  3. Pastor Jerry Eze streams live on social media everyday
  4. He is married with two beautiful kids
  5. NSPPD has hit a record of 81 439 509 views within six months
  6. Most of his prophecies are real
  7. He Prays every night
  8. He is a cheerful giver
  9. His Church has a Charity arm called Streams of Joy Foundation
  10. He pastors a large congregation from different continents.
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