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Reality of Life

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Over time, as kids, when things (life) appeared so playful, so exciting, so much fun making time, so easy, so awesome, so beautiful, so accessible, so this and so that.

One had nearly pictured the world as a good place to be even without a penny, but recently the world (people) changed that perspective of ours— it’s not sweet without money, it’s not awesome without luxurious materials, it’s no fun without being a first-class citizen, it’s not fair without being a boss, it’s not easy without being the Man-In-Charge of one business or the other. 

The majority of worldly problems emanated from this slide-change in our perspectives, views and beliefs.

To have it again as LIFE, not as WORLD, there’s a need to see things as it was viewed then that you can be successful without dozens of money, that you can be rich without accumulating or embezzling public funds, that you can be leading without pride and show off, that you can be kind-hearted without camera/media, you can be this and that without this and that…

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