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Review: Story and Lessons from Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’

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In this music review, I will be revealing the story and lessons from Davido’s new song, ‘Stand Strong’ ft The Samples–a track off his yet-to-be released album and why it is so special.

Just take a chill pill and enjoy the read.

Explaining the Story Behind Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’

Prior to the release of ‘Stand Strong,’ Davido announced his collaboration with the Los Angeles The Samples choir and most importantly, what the song means to him.

According to him, ‘Stand Strong’ is a breakaway from his usual hop/dance song style. This time, it is about the story of his musical journey and his ordeal so far.

For once, he wants to do a soulful song that will translate his innermost feelings and tell the story of his life in the last 10 years.

He wrote: ‘This one is special to me. It’s different. The conception has been different. The mindset has been different. The making has been different. I know you love it when I make you dance, but now I want to make you feel;

‘This one’s for everyone out there holding it up. I know what I’ve experienced the past 10 years, and alot of you have been through it all with me. But… have you really?

‘For the first time I want to bring you into the other part of my world. The part where every day is a battle but I have no option but to STAND STRONG.’

2017-2021: Davido’s Life in 4 years- The Backdrop

Everyone has their own downtime, regardless of their status or class in the society. In the last 10 years, Davido had a fair share of life. No, it was the most critical period of his life.

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Can you imagine losing a loved one to the cold hands of death? For Davido, it happened consecutively. He lost about 6 friends and acquaintances within the space of 4 years.

story behind Davido Stand strong
Davido with late Obama

Tagbo, DJ Olu, Chime, Ahmed, Tunji, and Obama all died between 2017 and 2021. Of all, the demise of Obama was more sudden, shocking and devastating. He reportedly died of breathing difficulties. Until his death, he was Davido’s manager and friend.

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Apart from that, his music career has not been without its ups and downs. At different points in his life, he has enjoyed both praise and hate from friends and foes.

Knowing that the industry is a highly competitive world, the fact that Davido chooses to define his own path and do his thing has often attracted criticism either directly or indirectly from his colleagues and their fans.

Severally, he has been trolled for his ‘frog’ voice. His wealth has been a major topic on the wailers’ lips too. For them, Davido is a bad product who’s gained public attention because of his wealth. Remove wealth, he’d never sell.

But OBO would not allow what people feel or say about him to stop him from doing his thing. The more he is hated by a sect of jealous people, the more he is loved, supported and respected by a million other people.

Lessons from Davido’s ‘Stand Strong’

In ‘Stand Strong’, the just-released song which has now gained massive attention from the public, there are many lessons to be learnt. You will find them in subsequent paragraphs. Keep reading!

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Reeling from the lyrics to ‘Stand Strong’ we see how Davido reminisces on his music journey and the battles he fights everyday.

The lyrics to the song perfectly translate the story of his life—A man whose ‘body (is) full of bite from all dem canines.’ From losing his mum from a tender age to chasing his dream and building his empire, it is nothing short of miracle for a man like Davido to be standing strong still.

Hence, when you hear ‘OBO elemi 9+’ understand that it is not easy to survive the harsh realities of life.

Now to the takeaways from Davido’s Stand Strong.

1. Be Strong during Adversity

Apparently, there are several lessons to learn from Davido’s ‘Stand Strong.’ The first one is never to allow people’s opinions to stop us from reaching our goal. According to him, ‘People will hate you, rate you, shake you and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you.’

2. Develop High Self-Esteem

Similarly, having the right mindset is very important if one must succeed. Davido does not allow the pressures from the industry to shape his course. He has positive mind and built on his self-esteem.

3. Put God First in Everything

Also, we can deduct from Davido’s life story that it is important to trust in the guidance of God— Jehovah. Putting God first has been of great help to Davido in his music journey. Without the God factor, he is nothing.

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In the whole, just as we have experienced in the song, there is more to ‘Stand Strong,’ it is the story of a man who braves through the storms of life. It is about a man who has been bitten by the devil’s canines. It is the story of his healing. The story of his life.

We hope you enjoy this review from Naijabanquet, feel free to share on social media.

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  1. Since the Davido released this soul lifting Song, STAND STRONG, I have played it over 1000 times on my phone.

    To be sincere, this song is out of this world. May God keep blessing and prospering Davido and the Samples with all positive things of life.


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