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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: See what Nigerians are Doing to Escape the War Zone

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There are no signs that Russia will call a truce yet as it keeps closing in on Ukraine. Earlier today, we learnt that the Russian troop engaged the Ukrainian army in a tough bomb and shelling in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine.

Right now, no fewer than 300 casualties have been recorded in the ongoing crisis. Though Putin had expected a timid Zelensky to fall at his mercy instead of the seemingly courageous defence force his troop met, Ukraine faces serious skirmishes with over 5,000 Nigerians trapped in the war zone.

While the Nigerian government is till dragging its feet to evacuate its citizens trapped in Ukraine, we thought to let you know what is happening to Nigerians and what they are doing to escape the war zone.

@Nzekiev & Others Face Xenophobia in a Train Headed for Poland

On Twitter, Nze, one of the stranded Nigerians in Ukraine explains how he was dragged down from the cabin of a train that was headed for Poland.

According to him, he alongside other two Africans had entered the train, only to be dragged down the cabin by the Ukrainian Police because they were African. “Only Ukrainians are allowed”, he said.

In a more recent tweet, however, Nze said they had to start pushing the more vulnerable women and children into the train against the odds.

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Tolulope Osho @Cowriesking is Helping Stranded Nigerians to Get Safety in Poland

In a video that has now gone viral, we see a selfless Nigerian, Tolulope, putting his life on the line to save his kinsmen.

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“We here are trying our best to save our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and our fathers here in this land. I myself I’m volunteering this for people. Just to show the love I have for people.”

Addressing stranded Nigerians who do not have cash on them due to the immediate shutdown of Banks and financial institutions in Ukraine, Tolulope offers to generate some cash for them and get them to Poland with useful information.

Courtesy of @Cowriesking

Dr Sunday Adelaja and Family in Safe Place after 48 Hours of Distress

Ukraine based pastor, Sunday Adelaja has finally found a safe place to put his head after 48 hours of endless wandering and distress message that he was on Putin’s hit list.

Dr Sunday Adelaja

Sharing his ordeal in the past 48 hours, Adelaja says he was either running, trekking, queueing or in the car with his family.

In an emotional video he posted on his Facebook page, Adelaja said he wanted to stay back and send his wife out of the country until he heard an information from the American Intelligence that Russia would soon invade Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and eliminate influential people.

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Meanwhile, he was able to gather some stranded Africans and Nigerian students and lodge them in an underground bunker in his house.

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