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Should Sadist Lecturers Be Blamed for students’ Failure?

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One of the challenges students in higher institutions face is meeting no-nonsense lecturers. These lecturers are always scary. Sometimes, they always wear a stern and fierce gaze. Even when they manage to smile, you will notice the seriousness in their faces.

The likes of these lecturers are called sadist by students. They are named so because of their threatening countenance whenever they are in class. They are the ones that boast of giving A’s to no one in their courses. They count their achievements on the mass failure of their students every year, and they are thus hated for being stingy with marks.

An anonymous undergraduate student reported the story of one lecturer in her department who has achieved tremendously by failing over 70% of students that take his course every session.

In her statement, she said this man once failed his own son and the later had to retake the course. She said that in the man’s classes, he would beat his chest and say that no one can have A in his course. Bloody sadist! The worst case scenario, she reported that the man’s questions will be answered serially and his questions always have “pikin” (children).

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Funnily enough, the likes of these lecturers are the ones who graduated with third-class degree or nearly sailed through third class with a poor second-class lower degree. Thus, they believe that no student can have A in their course, and therefore fail their students.

Nonetheless, we should not shut our eyes on the part of the students too. However hard the questions of these sadist lecturers may be, there are always few students who have A’s in their courses.

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So, the point I want to stress here is that some students who fail the courses of these sadist lectures should be, actually, be held responsible for their failure too. Why? Poor preparation.

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All in all, it is appalling that a sadist lecturer is not usually apportioned blame for students’ mass failure, even if he is the cause. Or have you seen one? This should tell you that there are still some stuff we’ve not got right in our educational system.

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In my own opinion, lecturers should be summoned whenever a mass failure occurs. Failure is not to be counted as achievement. It is a woeful tale. In other words, if the lecturers are subjected to investigation over mass failure, I believe this will curb the sadist tendencies of the so-called sadist lecturers.

Have you been failed by a sadist lecturer? Tell us your story in the comment box.

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  1. This is the sad reality that we have to face. I don’t think some students that fail did not prepare actually, probably victims of circumstances. We’ll keep on striving and our efforts will be crowned.

  2. One thing about this sadist lecturer is that, their exam questions are usually very difficult and will require intense understanding of every topic to be able to even score a ‘B’, plus they know how to sadistically set difficult questions.

    During my ND (National diploma) days, we have this sadist lecturer that would come to the exam hall to laugh at students and to confirm how students are battling with his questions.

    One thing I hate about them is they will keep on telling students the numbers of years they’ve been taking the course and no one has score an “A”. Imagine their foolishness!

  3. A grim interface of many higher institution of learning. Although sadistic lecturers are as culpable as the slovenly and indolent students,they(lecturers) should be fished out and flushed out of the system. Any lecturer with malicious intents towards students deserves to face the murky music.

    • But i don’t really think it’s necessary for you to use grammars in explaining yourself stop trying to be an obscurantist. I personally think you’ll be more of sadist lecturer also cause it all starts from this level


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