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Sara James: All you Need to Know about the AGT Champ

Sarah James Biography, Family, Music, and Achievements.

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There is something special about Sara James, which is why you are here to fetch her profile. And, this is just to say that you are in the place to see all you need to know about Sara James biography, family, music career and achievements.

Sara James Biography

This article is a detailed research about the AGT Sensational champ. Find out Sara James biography, age, family, music and achievements below.

Who is Sara James?

Sara James is a young talented singer, song writer and performer. She became the world’s sensation after contesting on America’s Got Talent 2022.


Sara was born on 10 June 2008. She is 14 years old.

Sara James Family

Sara James was born into a family of Arleta Dancewicz and John James. Her parents are of mixed race. While her mother is Polish, her father is Nigerian.

The information gathered about Sara James shows that she enjoyed a pretty childhood as her parents ensured that she was well cared for. In fact, a deeper revelation shows that she races after her father John James who is also a professional singer.


Sara James is Polish. She hails from Slubice Poland, where she currently lives with her parents.

Music Influence/Idols

Almost everyone has someone they look up to in their lives. The same is the case with AGT Sara James, some big names in the music industry has helped her musical journey.

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Sara James sees Beyonce, Rihanna and Whitney Houston as her music role models. Interestingly too, one can find their reflections in Sara James America Got Talents 2022 acts.

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Sara James before AGT

Before Sara James America’s Got Talent acts, she has a rich experience in music and talent shows. She began to sing officially at the tender age of 6 when she took part in Christmas Carol festival in Szczecinek which she won.

After her successuful performance at the local competition in Poland, AGT Sara James went on to contest in the World Talent Show, where she stole the hearts of the judges and emerged victoriously. Again, she was awarded a Silver Microphone during the final show of Lubuski Song Festival Pro Arte.

She later went on to compete in The Voice Kids Season 4 in 2021. There, she won the hearts of the judges and viewers from the auditions through to the finals, and bagged first place. As if that was not enough, Sarah James Agt champ proceeded to the Junior Eurovison Song Contest after defeating other contestants to get the ticket. She took second place.

As usual, she stole the moment with her original single, Sombody and Netta’s Eurovison “Toy” song performances on the TVP show in 2022.

Sara James America Got Talent Act

If you have watched Sara James America Got Talent performances, then you will agree that she there is something unique about her. This must have prompted Simon Cowell to identify her as a the new AGT star and gave her his golden buzzer.

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Interestingly, her sequel performances on AGT show that Simon has a good eye for talent. For one, Sara James AGT performance of Rocket Man by Elton John at the lives show attracted more of the AGT fandom to her camp.

What sells her personality more however, is not just about her sonorous voice, it is about her presence on stage. Sara James is one whizkid that pulls a strong emotional weight when she sings on stage. Definitely, this one attribute made her Agt performances stand out from the rest.

Then, Sarah James America Got Talent Finale performance; that was both stunning! Like, she literally blew the roof off the heads of the audience and got the judges transfixed.

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Really, she has a real star glow about her, as Simon Cowell said to her.

Sara James AGT Social Media

Sara James has a good social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. Find out her profile links below.

Sara James on Facebook as SARA JAMES

Sara James on Instagram as @sara_james_music

That’s all you need to know about AGT Sara James biography, parents, music career and achievements.

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