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Success Tips: Conquer That Fear In Your Next Exam

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Every student prays and hopes that they excel in whatever assessment they are given at school. But, fear of failure makes students panic, and thus makes them doubt if they have ever prepared for exam.

Exam can be tough and energy-exhausting, but it is not too hard to deal with if you know some certain approaches to exam success.

Good news! These simple approaches shall be discussed extensively in this article.

Luckily, these tips that will be explained below will get you that grade A you desire so much if you can truly practise them.

  1. Prioritise Vast Reading & Studying

“Exam is hard”, as most students would complain. However, do you know exam can turn out to be easy if you take reading as your foremost priority?

Nothing comes out easily. To be successful in your exam, you ought to have a strong determination to read. Reading involves a lot of hard work. It can be taxing or tedious, but, trust me, you shall smile, in the exam hall, when you see that almost all the questions asked are what you know.

Asides the above, vast reading and studying will give you the confidence you need to conquer exam panic. If you prepare well for exam through reading voraciously, there is a limit to how panicky you will be.

In fact, there will be a huge vacuum between you and someone whose preparation is not adequate. Studying is very important to your success in exam.

Don’t panic. Make a sketch of your study time, and bury your head in books. Most importantly, don’t cram the ideas in the books. Study them very diligently, and ensure that you understand those ideas.

  1. Discuss with Friends or Mates

Don’t be a Mr/ Miss Over-Confident who believes that s/he knows everything, and needs no one help. Success lies in seeking help from others.

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You can form a study group with your friends. To some extent, solo reading may not be helpful. There will be a time you will need the help of your course mates or senior mates to explain some courses for you.

Don’t feel too shy to ask for help. When you have people around you who are also intelligent, you will have the opportunity to learn from them. Particularly when you discuss, each one contributes to a particular topic of discussion. From there, you can learn some things you have never heard before.

  1. You will be Stressed out, but don’t Give up
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Exam is always accompanied with stress. Reading from morning to night, burning the midnight candles, running helter skelter to get materials and textbooks from friends, trying to get exam pass, etc., can be stressful and exhausting. Nonetheless, DON’T GIVE UP.

Humans are not robots. Thus, when we go through different taxing activities, we become stressed out, weakened, paralysed, and unable to do anything. However, whatever may happen, never forget your primary goal.

Giving up is not an ideal habit. Those who are successful never give up. In other words, your relentless energy shall be crowned with success at the end.

  1. Have Maximum Rest and Sleep

Your health is very important to your study. Never deny yourself the maximum rest your brain needs. At least, you should have a full six or eight-hour sleep at night. However, if you are someone that reads at night, ensure that you sleep during the day.

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When you read throughout the night, and when dawn breaks, never attempt reading throughout the day as well. Don’t study hard. Be a smart student and study smartly. Above all, rest and sleep well. Say bye bye to being one of the hospital inmates owing to lack of sleep and rest.

  1. Eat Good Food
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No one enjoys reading on an empty stomach. However, it doesn’t mean that you should fill your stomach to the brim before reading.

Hunger will affect the good functioning of your brain. Because of exam, never skip meal so that your focus on what you are reading will not be reduced.

Food provides nutrients that are needed for brain to function properly. When your body has enough nutrients, it will give you the energy required to process and assimilate information.

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  1. Don’t Panic or Rush in the Exam Hall

It’s quite natural that fear takes hold of you when you are at the entrance of the exam hall. It is normal. However, don’t be too panicky so that you won’t, ultimately, forget what you have read.

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At the entrance, never discuss what you have read with anyone. Don’t be tempted to do so. What you read may be slightly different from what your friends read.

When you get to the the exam hall, sit down quietly. When you are given exam papers, read the instructions very carefully. When fear grips you, breathe in and breathe out.

Give each question the time it requires. Don’t spend much of your time on the compulsory questions. Others are important too. Keep your eyes on your clock.

Don’t rush to attempt any question. If you don’t know one question, skip it and attempt the one you know better. Take your time, and don’t rush to submit. Revise your answers to correct errors or mistakes.

Good luck in your exam!

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