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Success tips: how to get over academic failure

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Academic failure is a thing that you should be worried about. It is a thing of shame if you as a student fail in your primary assignment to study well and finish with good grades. However, can students do without failure?

As human beings, our lives are shaped with several flaws and weaknesses that emanates from our personal activities. We are not perfect. We can not survive a day without any activity either. However, we can live our lives most decently and methodically such that our chances of having a sheer dose of failure will be greatly reduced.

So as a student who is confronted with numerous demands and expectations and is struggling so hard to meet up them but at the end of the day finishes with a score sheet full of red inks and failure, how do you cope with failure?

• The first step is recognition

When I say recognition, I mean bringing yourself close to a mirror that is big enough to reflect your true image and identify your shortcomings.
Ask your self questions. Empty your self and lay your answers bare just as they are.

What are those things you think are responsible for your failure in the past semester or academic year? Among these identified weaknesses, which of them can you claim responsibility for or control over?

Finding answers to the above questions will go a long way in correcting the mistakes you made in the previous academic year. Your flaw, for instance, could be truancy, nonchalant attitude to work, laziness, poor preparation/study pattern, peer pressure, drugs, involvement in many social activities and many more besides.

Now that you have identified reasons for your failure, what do you do?

Embrace your emotions. This is the second step.

After recognition comes acceptance. If you really want to pull out of the mess, then you should be ready to acknowledge the role that you played in its creation.

Dear reader, you need to come to this understanding that you have a lion share if not all of the blame. So, you must own the identified causes of your failure with courage, faith, soberness and sincerity.

This will help you to forgive yourself and make necessary corrections. This is because the acknowledgement of your faults will not only humble you but also make you sorry.

• The third step is forgiveness

One thing is to identify, another is to accept. Yet, the process is not complete without forgiveness. Just like the popular saying, “to err is evil to forgive is divine.” When you forgive yourself your past mistakes, your heart is renewed and your mind is freed from the manifold problems that are holding you bound.

What I am trying to say is that, forgiveness will give you the psychological purging and emotional balance that you need to become a better person.  You can then chart a new course for yourself and embrace the future with a sound mind. So you see that forgiveness is a bold step you must not jump.

• Conclusion
Success is not a feat that can be achieved easily. However, through determination, diligence and self-evaluation, you can reach great heights. Note also that success is not permanent. There is room for overtaking. So you need to be vigilant, and restless in order to sustain your position in the success race.

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