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The Battles of ‘The Voice Australia 2022’ (Part 1)— A Review

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It is no longer news that the 2022 edition of The Voice Australia has started. And it has been an amazing experience so far. From the blinds to the battles, the contestants have showcased their music talents to impress the judges and their fans.

As usual, there are four judges/coaches on The Voice Australia 2022. They are Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jess Mauboy. This also means that there are four teams on the show. Each team is selected by the judges based on their impressive performances.

Recall that each judge cut their team members from 12 to 6 in line with the rules of the competition on Wednesday night’s edition of the Reality show.

On today’s episode however, we enjoyed the fierce competition between contestants from team Guy and team Keith who appeared in pairs to battle for a spot in the next episode of the competition.

In case you missed their performances, here is a recap of the The Voice Australia Battles between Teams Guy and Keith.

The Battles of The Voice Australia 2022–Part 1

Team Keith

1. Thando VS Shaun— ‘Beggin’ by Maneskin

Coming from team Keith, Thando and Shaun are paired to duet on Maneskin’s ‘Beggin.’ Being the first performance for the night, both contestants lit the stage and warmed up the audience with an electrifying rendition.

For me, Thando sounded more unique, adding her own sauce to the jam just to give a tune other than the originals. On the other hand, Shaun was more of Maneskin than himself.

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Really, it was a very tough battle between the two singers as they came ‘beggin’ for a spot. Unfortunately, it was the end of the road for Shaun as he could not convince Judge Keith enough.

2. Chriddy VS Melanie— ‘Ghost’ by Justin Bieber

Chriddy and Melanie actually did a bang-on with Justin Bieber’s ‘Ghost.’ Melanie especially came through with a bundle of fire. Despite having a sore throat, she sang her lungs out to give an incredible performance tonight.

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Though putting Chriddy through the battles is a bit surprising, there is no doubt about the fact that Chriddy is quite gifted. Obviously, he tried so hard to earn a slot in the next phase of the competition. Melanie sounded more natural though.

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3. Lane VS Freddie— ‘Edge of Midnight’ by Miley

It’s no gainsaying that these two guys are damn talented, leaving us wowed with their incredible performance. They so much complement each other.

For Lane, his stage presence and dynamism to the song is so brilliant. Freddie though, an amazing singer that brings so much magic on stage.

Speaking on what could be the major flaw of their performance, I feel Freedie could offer more. For instance, we didn’t enjoy his vocals and runs throughout the play. Meanwhile, he is singing well off his age. Fantastic!

Team Guy

1. Jas VS Cassidy— Paramore’s ‘Decode’

The duet on Paramore’s ‘Decode’ is arguably one of the most thrilling performances of the night as Jas and Cassidy came through with their A-games.

Though Jas has been culled off by Guy, we could not for a fact resist her fighting spirit. She showed great strength, composure and most especially her readiness to grow on stage.

Cassidy was more of a pro-singer, trust she’s experienced, versatile and learned so much that she was able to pull an incredible fight in the Battles of The Voice Australia.

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In the whole, the showmanship of both contestants is quite impressive and laudable.

2. Emerson VS Liam— ‘Love me Again’ by John Newman

While Emerson got saved by Guy, Liam lost to secure a spot for himself in the next episode after the battles.

What we found about their duet on John Newman is their burning desire to earn a spot which was really tense. Howbeit, the song choice tends more to Emerson than Liam even though he tried so hard to manage his energy throughout the performance.

Regardless of the outcome tonight, both contestants are amazing just as they are!

3. Celestial VS Jordan— ‘Art of Love’ by Guy Sebastian

If there is a rendition that stole the night, it is definitely the battle between Celestial and Jordan, leaving Guy Sebastin on a hot seat and other judges shocked to the marrows.

Apart from the fact that they were dueting on a song written by their coach, the most fascinating and dazzling takeaway from their performance is the bundle of fire, creativity and artistry which they brought to the stage.

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Little wonder Guy was left with no option but to break the rules and send them both through.

While Keith sends forth Lane to the semi-finals, Thando and Chriddy have one last song each during The Battles of The Voice Australia to make the list.

Also on team guy, Emerson and Jordan sang for their lives to secure a spot in the semi-final. Mehn, these guys’ performances brought tears to my eyes!

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