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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Reason I Stopped Writing About How Buhari Has Failed Us

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Early this morning, I woke up to see our street stood so desolate.It was so quiet that one could hear the chirps of birds. I gazed through the street, and I was shocked that no Okada rider was moving through the street. The street which is always busy was very quiet as a graveyard.

As I was staring at the emptied streets, one young man passed through the front of my house, holding one big radio beside his ear. I overheard the voice of President Muhammad Buhari, and that reminded me of his speech which would be delivered by 7 am.

I quickly turned on my data, joined fellow Nigerians, through Facebook, in listening to the President’s speech.

When I was listening to Mr President’s speech, I nearly cried for I was totally disappointed. Firstly, I was disappointed that I was among other blindfold Nigerians who voted a President that can’t give a speech capable of soothing the pains of Nigerians. Secondly, I was shocked that the speech was devoid of sympathy towards the victims killed by the Fulani herdsmen.

There are many things in the speech that are built on wrong statistics and poor judgement. The so-called President had earlier acclaimed that Nigerians are very forgetful. He took swipe at Nigerians for forgetting the goodies his administration has brought to Nigeria. So, today, the President further affirmed his claim, in his speech, that his government has lifted 10.5 million poor Nigerians out of poverty.

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“Where did Baba get his statistics?” I asked myself. That’s when it totally appeared to me that many things are wrong in this country. The President claimed that he has lifted 10.5 million poor Nigerians out of poverty; yet, poverty is the only language common man understands in this nation.

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I thought, at the end of his speech, to comment on his lack-lustre speech, but I was so sad that I couldn’t compose my thoughts well.

After the END-SARS protest, I had vowed that I would never again write about how this administration has failed us. Nigeria has become so lawless that devil-like beings continuously break the law with blatant impunity.

Fulani herdsmen kill and maim people in the north, east, south and west. Yet, the government watches them, like toothless bulldogs, as they terrorise the peace of the country.

Thus, whenever I think I should write about the woes of this administration, I always ask myself: ” What’s the effect this write up would bring in a lawless country? What changes have the greatest satirists made in this country with their satires? Would my writings change how human rights are crushed on in this country?”

Many nagging questions sneak into my brain whenever I attempt to write. But, at the end, I would rather prefer a deep sleep.

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