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The Winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7 (2022) Prizes

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Here are the Prizes won by the winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7 (2022)

After several weeks of fierce music competition among the Nigerian Idol Season 7 contestants, from the blind audition to the top 12 which were later trimmed down to the top 2, the winner of the seventh season of the contest is set to emerge.

Who wears the crown?

Obviously, the winner of Nigerian Idol 2022 is between Zadok and Progress because they are the top 2 finalists. On Sunday, which is the grand finale of the franchise, we will know certainly who wears the crown.

In the meantime, Naijabanquet decided to let you know the big prizes to be won by the winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7 2022.

List of Winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7 Prizes

The Winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7’s prizes is mouth-watering. He is to cart home amazing prizes to enjoy after a fierce music competition.

Here is a complete list of the 6 items won by the Nigerian Idol Season 7 winner:

1. 30 Million Cash Prize

First, the new Nigerian Idol will go with a cash prize of thirty (30) Million Naira. That’s a lot of money but it’s worth it after all.

With the money, the Season 7 winner should be able to have a good career start or invest in some other enterprise.

This is definitely a big win both for the winner and his family.

2. Brand new SUV

Also, the winner is going to be given a brand new Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) for pulling a good fight through the competition.

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If the winner does not have a car, then this is a big win for him. And, he if does, it is still a big addition to his garage. A big win indeed!

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3. EP Recording/Music Video Shoot

Knowing fully well that the winner of the Seventh season of Nigerian Idol is just entering the music industry, the sponsors thought it wise to award him a contract.

This contract caters for his first ever EP Recording and Music Video Shoot.

Over the years, some Nigerian Idol winners were able to gain a grand entrance into the music industry and evolve into superstars. This could be Nigerian Idol 2022 perfect shot at stardom too.

4. BIGI Branded Refrigerator and 1 year drinks supply

Not only will the New Nigerian Idol winner cart home the above prizes, but he will also be given a Refrigerator branded by BIGI. This means that he is an automatic ambassador for the soft drink industry.

In addition to the Bigi Branded Refrigerator, the New Nigerian Idol will also enjoy BIGI drinks supply for the next one year. Huge!

5. Weekend GETAWAY

Travel Beta will be sponsoring the Nigerian Idol winner on a weekend getaway. Maybe to Dubai or another country.

This is a lifetime opportunity to fly out of the country to see the world from another end. Tourism, Fantastic!

6. DSTV Explorer with 12 Months Premium Subscription

To cap it all, a fully installed DSTV explorer with 12 months of premium subscription is there to enjoy.

The Nigerian Idol Season 7 (2022) Winner prizes
Nigerian Idol Season 7 Winner’s Prizes

Those are the prizes to be won by the winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7.

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Meanwhile, voting is currently going one. To vote for your favourite idol, go the official website of DSTV or African Magic to vote for your artist.

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