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Timothy Adegoke’s Death: Read How Adedoyin’s Trial Went Today

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Rahmon Adedoyin in Court over Timothy’s Mysterious Death

Today, in Osun State Nigeria, Rahmon Adedoyin, the owner of Hilton Hotel and Resorts, Osogbo stood before the presiding judge of the State High Court over the gruesome murder of Timothy Adegoke, the MBA student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU.

Also appearing before the Osun State High Court are six others who are suspected to have a hand in the mysterious death of Timothy.

Being the second appearance of the accused at the Osun State High Court, we thought to give you the highlights of the trial.

Charges on which the accused stands Trial

Following the mysterious death of Timothy Adegoke, the OAU MBA Student who had rented a room in Rahmon’s hotel before he was declared missing, the latter is charged with the following

  • Attempted felony
  • Conspiracy
  • Unlawful interference with the deceased’s corpse
  • Tempering with CCTV with the intent to destroy evidence

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Adedoyin Seeks Bail On Health Condition

Adedoyin had on Thursday filed a bail application which Justice Oyebola Adepele Ojo reserved its ruling till Monday.

He was therefore demanded in prison alongside his Hotel staff.

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Note that the bail application was filed based on health grounds.

Court Denies Adedoyin, Others Bail Request

Although the judge said that the charges filed against the Businessman and his co-suspects are bailable, the accused application did not see the light of the day as Justice Oyebola thrashed it on request.

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According to the High Court Judge, the health status of the applicants are not critical. It is not enough basis for a bailout. Hence, the denial.

The Judge however noted that the charges filed against Rahmon and his accomplices are serious felony charges that could attract jail terms.

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