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Who Wins Nigerian Idol Season7? (Check our Prediction)

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The Nigerian idol season 7 gets tougher on every episode of the reality show. While many viewers are yet to recover from the shock of the double elimination of Faith and Itohan last week, sadly, it’s the end of the road for Jordan on Sunday too.

This leaves us with the question, Who is the winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7? Obviously, the winner is between Progress, Zadok and Banty. Though none of them has been declared, we have made our predictions on who is going to win the reality show this season.

Just before we show our predictions, In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of how the last episode went on Sunday.

The show opens with Zadok and Progress inpressive duet performance on Fireboy’s ‘Peru’ with Banty and Progress bang-on job with ‘Essence’ by Wizkid and Tems.

Thereafter the show got tensed up with the MC standing alongside the top 4 to announce who got the least votes and the three that would be heading to the next episodes of the show.

While it still surprises people how Banty escapes elimination every week, Unfortunately for Jordan, he was culled from the top 4 contestants having had the least of the 29 million-plus votes cast over the weekend.

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List of Nigerian Idol Season 7 Top 3 Contestants

So here is the List of those who made it through to the top 3

  1. Progress
  2. Banty
  3. Zadok
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Highlight of the Top 3 Performances

The top 3 performances are in two parts. Banty opened the floor with an impressive rendition of ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. She did so well that she got the judges and viewers on their feet while singing.

While Obi was completely dumbfounded by the incredible performance Banty pulled on the Lives, Simi couldn’t help but gosh.

Nigerian Idol Banty had served us quite a number of songs that sacrificed her vocals for entertainment, In fact, no one could ever imagine the magic she is bringing on stage until recently.

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Commenting on the brilliant performance, simi said: ‘That’s the best I’ve seen you sing, your voice was steady.’

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Inspired by the ‘laughable’ audition of Idol 5837, Zadok took on Jennifer Hudson’s ‘And I am telling you’ to give a show-stopping performance. Like Judge Obi said, Zadok keeps doing the unimaginable every week to thrill the audience.

Progress tho, with his calm and soothing voice, gave us goosebumps. His performance of Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always Love You’ is very spectacular. He sang so effortlessly yet ticked all the boxes .

After dazzling the viewers with their first performances, the top three contestants heads on to battle for a spot in the finale by singing for their lives in part 2. In partial fulfilment of this battle, each one of them went back in time to pick a song from their birth year.

Performing ‘I Wanna be Down’ by Brandy, Banty brought massive energy to kill the classic R and B record on stage. Add that she had the stage to herself and enjoyed herself throughout the performance. Speaking of growth, Banty has not ceased to stun us in the last 3 weeks.

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Singing from their birth year continues with Zadok’s thrilling moment on stage. Zadok does his thing with ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ by Boyz II Men. He really brought his A-game this time so much that we say another side of him on stage.

Typically Zadok enters the character of his song to translate the lyrics. Despite the fact the song was recorded at a time when he was born, he relived the I990’s the moment right on stage. And, it was a brilliant!

Nothing could be more beautiful than wrapping the show up with Progress’ amazing cover of ‘Swear it Again’ by Westlife.

No doubt, Progress is the best vocalist in Nigerian Idol season 7. He has proven that over and over again in the show. But if there is something that is more endearing about him, it is definitely how he delivers the song, hitting incredible notes and breathing life through the lyrics.

So Who is the Winner of Nigerian Idol Season 7?

By our prediction, Progress is the prospective winner of the Nigerian Idol Season 7. This is because he has enjoyed quite a saving grace from viewers since the beginning of the show.

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Meanwhile, Zadok is very much on his tail as he is working his way to the top. People get to love him more as he brings different sauces to the show in every episode of the competition.

Similarly, uncertainty weakens our prediction as the entire process is in the hands of the voters. Banty’s fanbase especially has been doing the most to keep her in the music ride.

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