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UI Post Utme Format, Past Questions And How To Score Above 70

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You are probably here because you chose the University of Ibadan during your Jamb registration. And also because you want to clear certain doubts and find answers to questions as regard UI post utme exam format, past questions and, how to pass with good grades.

Well, you should congratulate yourself for coming to the right place. In this article, you will find every detail you need to score high in your UI post utme. We spoke to some UI undergraduates and gathered useful information that will be helpful during your exam. Add that our author is also a student at the prestigious University of Ibadan. So you can always trust us for authentic information.

Now let’s get into it!

UI Post Utme Exam

The university of Ibadan is not just called the “first and best” for no reason. Over the years, it has maintained its position as the most rated higher institution of learning in the country as result of its scholarly contributions and unmatched effort in producing the best brains in Nigeria and abroad. Recently, the Times Higher Education University Rankings confirms UI as the best university in Nigeria in 2023. So understand that gaining admission into UI is not a child’s play. Regardless, you deserve to be a UIte!

The UI post utme is a compulsory entrance exam that is conducted by the school management every year. It complements the initial score of the admission seekers’ Jamb score as a major criteria for admitting new students.

We however understand that there are many misconceptions about the UI entrance exam. The first, we will be debunking right here is that UI putme exam can be tricky, but not difficult. It is one of the easiest exams after JAMB. (Know this and know peace.)

UI Post Utme Exam Format

Before sitting any exam, it is important to know the format or how the questions are set to avoid surprises on the D-day. This is why we are providing you with information on how UI sets its putme exam

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Basically, the UI Post utme exam is handwritten, and it comprises of 100 multiple choice questions set across your subject combination in JAMB. This means that UI entrance exam covers the four subject areas you chose in JAMB. You are to answer twenty-five questions under each subject category.

For instance, if your subject combination in JAMB is English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, expect to answer 25 questions under each subject in your putme exam. UI will not ask you any question outside the subjects you chose or did in JAMB.

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Additionally, these questions are to answered in an answer-booklet that will be marked electronically. Therefore, your answers should be shaded correctly throughout the exam. Note also, that the UniIbadan post utme exam is usually completed between 1hour 30minutes (90 minutes).

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Summary of UI Putme Exam Format

  1. It Comprises of 100 multiple choice questions
  2. It covers 4 subject areas chosen in Jamb
  3. It is handwritten (Pencil and Paper)
  4. No caculator is allowed
  5. Answer scripts are marked electronically
  6. UI post utme exam lasts for 90minutes.

UI Post Utme Past Questions

Now that you are familiar with how the University of Ibadan sets its putme exam, you also want to know the questions that are likely to come out in the exam.

Actually, UI does not release its past questions every year. But, it usually provides 100 sample questions for each of the subjects. This is available for download on their portal and other relevant blogs.ย However, a lingering question that many people have been asking is about the authenticity of the questions and how often they are repeated in the exam.

First thing is, the UI 100 sample questions are real, and you should take them seriously. With the information we gathered so far, we can confirm to you that the practice questions represent the topics that you should cover in your textbooks before the exam.

For instance, the UI English post utme past questions covers important aspects like Phrases and Clauses, Concord, Spoken English, etc. Ditto other subjects, try and trace the topics that treat each questions you can find in the UI post utme sample questions and understand them well.

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Also, one truth you will not find elsewhere is that there no new questions. What you will find is slight changes or a re-modification of the existing ones. What we often recommend to UI admission seekers, is to practice their JAMB series exhaustively as some of UI post utme past questions takes after JAMB format.

We can also confirm to you that University of Ibadan often repeat past questions in their post utme exam. At least, 2 or 3 questions will be drawn from the 100 sample questions on their portal. Therefore, it is your duty to study the materials well and prepare very hard for the exam.

Note however, that UI putme questions are very tricky. It takes some smartness and brilliance to answer them appropriately. Therefore, you need to sure of your answers before choosing them.

How to Score 70 and above in UI Post Utme

One of the biggest myths online is that UI screening exam is difficult. But we dare to say that it is simple. The reason is because you can score as high as 100/100 if you study well for the exam. For instance, In 2018, one Anyanwu Favour Chinazaekpere scored 90% in the exam.

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We are aware that UI post utme 2022 will commence soon. Find out how to score as high as 70 in the exam below:

  1. Study the 100 UI sample questions
  2. Practise Jamb Questions Series exhaustively
  3. Attend Tutorials around UI campus
  4. Study with WAEC & JAMB syllabus
  5. Read relevant textbooks
  6. Be confident in what you know
  7. Overcome exam tensions
  8. Read instructions carefully
  9. Arrive at the exam the venue early
  10. Tag God along in your affairs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pass UI post Utme 2022?

To pass UI entrance exam in 2022, use the WAEC and JAMB syllabus as study guide, practise the sample questions online and read relevant materials on each subjects.

What is the Date for UI post Utme 2022?

The University of Ibadan post utme form for 2022 is out. You can now apply till January 2023. By this connection, the exam will hold in January.

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