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“V”: Asa’s Latest Album Leaves us with a Unique & Extraordinary Talent

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Popular Nigerian Singer, Asa has released her latest album–“V” and it comes with all shades of impressive melody. Besides, from “Mayana” to “Love me or Give me Red Wine”, Asa’s “V” album is a love story that takes us on an interesting journey.

Also, we see Asa’s unusual collaboration with Wizkid, Amaarae and Cavemen plus unusual lyrics that carry emotional weight and quality delivery.

In this review, we will tell you what we think about Asa’s new album–“V”

Asa’s “V” Album Review

1. Mayana

Speaking of Mayana, we see a prospective chart-topping romantic melody. In the song, the singer beckons her lover to come to have some good time together.

Typical of person madly in love, she sings:

"Let's stowaway
In the night when the light's out
Let's go away
To an island faraway"

Furthering in the song, Asa paints a clearer picture of them, two lovers insanely in love, spending quality time together by the water side with some fish and bananas.

Indeed, this love is sweet and nothing will separate them soon.

2. Ocean

With a voice sweet like caramel, and emotion reeling off her heart, the singer addresses her lover as the “Ocean” that’s got the soul and the flow to keep them going.

She seems to have found her ideal man. He has everything she needs in a man and she would give him her best.

"I want you to know
(Nothing I won't do for you, nowhere I won't go for you)
Thought you should know
(Nothing I won't do for you, nowhere I won't go for you)
I want you to know
(Nothing I won't do for you, nowhere I won't go for you)
Thought you should know"

3. IDG ft. Wizkid–“I Don’t Go”

This song is a reflection of what Asa thinks of Life, “a one big road“. Even though she admits that everything on earth is vanity, she says that everyone deserves the chance to be loved and to live the most of the moment.

For Wizkid, Life isn’t different either. He thinks he deserves a love that is real. He’s been working hard all his life to earn everything good. He however says that in his few years of life, he has seen different shades of love so that he knows which is real or fake.

Still, whatever the circumstance, Asa would find love and live the best of the moment, even if the journey takes her down the long big road, Down Soweto Caraibe. She will find her way home!

"Live in the moment
Tomorrow belongs to God
Nothing can break me
Nothing can bend me
Nothing can pull me down
May love what you hate
We all deserve a chance..."

4. Nike

This track hits differently. Here, Asa vowed never to love again because she has experienced heartbreak in the past.

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Now addressing the “Fine boy in the Nike” directly, she accuses him of plaguing her despite his confession that he loves her. Asa herself had been won by this love because it looked so real.

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But it dawned on her after spending times together that it’s all sham.

"Thought you wanted me 
Cos you loved my energy 
And I wanted you cos I was lost at sea 
Thought I had one 
Found one found you..."

Given this shocking act, Asa regrets loving and vowed never to love him again. Not even anyone, cos this plague of love has pierced her and left her broken.

5. Show me Off

Show me Off comes with a new twist to the story. Asa seems to have found love again and, she is completely lost in it.

Lost in the beauty of this newfound love, Asa idolises it above everything. She compares her new love to the beautiful sunrise in the morning. “When I look into your eyes, they mesmerise me”, she says.

Then one begins to wonder what kind of love has struck the singer again, after all she spilt in Nike. How come it reminds her of how lucky she is? Maybe he is just as he adores him:

"You are the apple of my eyes 
You are the high-light everyday 
You are the one who makes me happy everyday 
You are the one who makes 
Me happy everyday 
You give me joy 
You make me smile 
You make me laugh 
Away my worries 
You give me reason 
To be Alive"

She even wants to spend all her life loving her new lover. Indeed, this love is hypnotizing.

6. Morning Man

Apparently, Asa can not get enough of this love. In Morning Man, Asa reiterates her commitment to her new lover, now introduced as my “morning man”.

After vowing to spend the rest of her life with him in Show me Off, again, she says she wants to make him smile whenever he looks into her face.

I feel the singer is trying to reciprocate the love the Morning man has shown her. Being the reason for her living again and the source of light and hope after her sad experience of broken love.

As she gets deeper in love, one can only wish her peace that flows till eternity.

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7. Good Times

Here, the singer recounts the good good times she spends with her friend. For her, those times are undeniable because, they are gold, precious and cherished.

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Asa remains grateful to her friend for staying through the years despite the negative judgment that some family members have passed on him.

Speaking of trust and loyalty, the singer makes bold to say that her friend is closer to her than her brothers. He would never talk anything behind her back. No, he would always defend her.

The singer feels so confident with her friend that each moment spent together is filled with rich vibes.

Confessing how undeserving she is of her friend, she must find a way to repay this act of loyalty, selflessness and commitment to friendship.

8. Believer

Again, Asa tells his lover that she would do anything to nurture her new found love. She doesn’t care what the cost is. This love is jewel and she won’t let go.

She tries hard to convince the boy about the “kinda power around us” and the feeling their togetherness brings. She urges him on…

"papaya ku pa pa my baby
parara ku pa pa ma bae ah
papaya ku pa pa eh my day"

As a strong believer of this love, she would rule the world and move the world around with it.

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9. All I Ever Wanted

In “All I Ever Wanted”, it seems their love has hit the rock again. We see an impatient Asa, telling her lover to pack his bags and leave immediately.

From the intro, Asa speaks directly to her lover, “Sho ti gbagbe sho ti gbagbe ni/ (meaning have you forgotten, tell me have you forgotten) the way we were before now.”

From the lines, we picked that the singer has suffered more than enough trauma that all she could think of is just to “pack your bag/pack your bag.”

Despite her devotion and commitment to love, her man, goes behind her back to prowl on other girls. Now she has rivals contending her love.

No amount of excuses can change her mind. She isn’t going to listen to any speech either. She’s had enough of the big show.

10. Love Me or Give Me Red Wine

In the final track, “Love me or Give me Red Wine”, Asa finds it hard to believe that her lover is gone. Now she wants reconciliation. She wants to get her love back.

She takes part of the blame. She regrets sending him off in haste without hearing his side of his story. She fears she might go down if nothing is done about it soon. She’s afraid she might not heal.

"Why why you no warn me
Instead you pack your things and walk away..."
"Still I'm here
I no go anywhere
Let's find a way
There's no one else
You're all that I need..."

“Don’t make me/ Don’t make me go down” she begs for the return of her love.

Stream Asa’s “V” album here

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