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“V”: Indeed, Asa’s New Album will Resonate the Year (Review)

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Earlier today, Nigerian rock star and classic singer, Asa dropped a lit album ”V” which has since yielded positive responses from her listeners.

Review of Asa’s “V” Album

Asa’s V album is her fifth coming almost three years after her last, Lucid. And, we can say beyond a doubt that “V” is worth the hype and wait. She literally cooked some nice stuff in there with mhad collabs.

For us, the album is an interesting story that is complete in itself. Whether true or untrue, the tracklist is a realistic plot that takes us on a whole experience. From “Mayana” to “Give me Love or Give me Red Wine.”

From the lines we picked in “V”, we can guess that our rockstar has gone through a complete musical evolution. She takes on a different theme entirely as she urges us on to live the most of the moment by getting loved up.

Life is short and tomorrow isn’t certain, she believes. So we must live our lives to the fullest in the moment.

A listen without skip tells us this; that when one finds true love, one breeds it jealously. In “Ocean“, for instance, Asa says her newfound love’s got the soul and flow to keep the going and she would do anything to make it stay.

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Show me Off” paints a clearer picture of an Asa that’s completely sold out to love. She sings praises of her newfound love to the heavens so that we are pushed to get booed up, too.

But love isn’t perfect. It comes with some challenges that one must give a good fight. Asa takes a rather rash decision in “All I ever wanted” when she asks her lover to pack his things and go. She ought to have been a little patient and hear his own side of the story.

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Now she realises that she acted on emotions and lost it too early. She wants to reconcile and gets loved up again. She is signalling to her man to come back.

Away from the above, we saw a topnotch mixagem and a perfect tune in the V album. The delivery is excellent and the vocals is superb. Really, Asa’s latest album will resonate the year and top the charts.

You can stream Asa’s “V” album here

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