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Reasons On-Campus Hostel Is More Preferable To Off-Campus Hostel

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Most freshmen and returning students are always faced with the dilemma of where to stay every new academic year.

Whether to live on campus or off campus. Whichever their choice is, everyone has reasons for their decision at the end of the day.

However, in this post, I will share with you reasons why you should consider living on campus.

Let’s dive in.

5 Reasons On-Campus Hostel is More Preferable to Off-Campus Hostel

1. Proximity

One of the important benefits of living on campus is its proximity to lecture rooms. If you live in the school hostels, you don’t have to always run to catch bus or taxi to avoid missing classes or lectures.

On the part of those who live outside the school, sometimes, they may have to run helter skelter for classes, fight at the bus stop, argue with other students over whom should board the bus or cycles first, etc.

In fact, what students who live off-campus won’t tell you is that they skip classes sometimes. Especially when they don’t have t-fare or feel slightly tired.

But, this does not usually happen when you live on campus.

2. Access to Facilities

modern bathroom interior with freestanding tub
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Students who stay in on-campus hostel have direct access to facilities to amenities more than those who reside off-campus.

For instance, the school management always ensure that there is constant supply of electricity and water in the school’s Halls of residence

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However, outside the school, there is no 100 percent assurance that there will be constant supply of electricity.

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Also, unlike students who live off-campus and restricted by time and distance, on-campus hostelers can use the school internet facility at any point in time.

Add that the proximity to the school’s health center is a bonus for on-campus residents, especially in an emergency case.

Consequently, that spells more ‘doom’ and responsibilities for students who live off-campus.

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3. Security

security logo
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Of course, schools prioritise the security of lives and properties of their students above anything. This means that if you stay on campus, you will have fewer reasons to worry over insecurity.

Howbeit, that does not mean that some campuses do not experience security threats and challenges. In fact, some are notorious for cult clashes, bloody uproars and other forms of chaos.

Still, we can not overthrow the fact that off-campus hostels are more porous to security threats. in so far security agents are not always available to contain any any uprising that may happen.

4. Friendship/Networking

people drinking liquor and talking on dining table close up photo
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

While students that stay off-campus may boast of privacy and unlimited freedom to make certain choices, the camaraderie that on-campus residents enjoy is underrated.

Living on campus is one of the best memories you can have while in a university. In the school hostels, you will meet different people who have entirely different lifestyles from yours.

You meet people who do not belong to your ethnic group nor speak the same native language as yours. Consequently, as you take advantage of the situation to interact and network with these new faces, your life may change for good forever.

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5. Social Activities

A beautiful moment that accompanies living in the school hostels is the the social and lively activities that are always held every session.

For example, on-campus housing is filtered with many social and lively activities such as baptism, bonfires, common pot, rallies etc geared towards creating lively environment in the hostels.

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people in concert
Photo by Sebastian Ervi on Pexels.com

Can we find these activities outside the school? Definitely not!


We should not shut eyes at the disadvantages of living on campus. If you are someone who loves privacy, school hostels may not avail you private lifestyle. Also, school hostels can be noisy at times, even in your room. Your roommates can argue noisily about many things which range from football, love, relationship to politics.

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